Fairy Tale Inspired Jewellery

By 17 September 2012Uncategorized

So I watched Snow White and the Huntsman over the weekend, and regardless of the merits of the movie, it did remind me of just how much I love fairy tales. Danger and magic, beautiful maidens and heroes, it truly takes your imagination to a new level. Every young girl dreams of a prince or a knight, and even at my age I still love imagining it! You might settle down and get married, but you never lose the love of that fairy tale that really COULD have happened!

So even though I live in a flat and not a castle, and I have a marketing director instead of a prince…I still enjoy filling my surroundings with fairy tale objects to keep the spirit of it all with me; the day I stop imagining myself in a long dress being crowned somewhere would be a truly sad day indeed. One way I do this is through my jewellery. My Nomination bracelet has a little dragon, something that reminds me of adventure, and the Cheshire Cat. Nothing speaks of childhood quite as well as Alice in Wonderland does.

My Trollbeads bracelet also has a few beads to remind me of fairy tales, in particular the little frog. We all know the saying about kissing a few frogs before you get your prince and this frog is such a cute reminder that those weird exes’s were there for a reason. That fairy tale is also quite underrated.

Rings! Rings are my flavour of the week I must admit. The Princess ring from the Spinning Jewelry range really is too perfect. With my mind on fairy tales as it is, this just screams out to me. Delicate with a cubic zirconia that gives enough shine to make you feel like royalty in your own way.

Share your favourite fairy tale with us and which jewellery you would wear to remind you!