Fun facts for a Monday

By 3 September 2012Uncategorized

Jewellery facts you might not know!

#1 – Men wore jewellery before women did! They wore jewellery in the form of amulets during wars, believing it would protect them in battle. So with that in mind, we really have to banish the thought of “jewellery isn’t manly”.

#2 – It was a normal custom in Asia to swallow whole precious pearls or pearls in powdered form to cure illness. A very expensive custom! Pearls are made of calcium carbonate, which is an antacid (neutralises stomach acidity) so the only thing they cured was upset stomachs. Hopefully they did not use this for anything more serious…

#3 – Opals are said to bring good fortune and wisdom. In ancient times people believed Opals were actual parts of heaven that fell down during violent storms, so having one of these precious little stones imbued one with heavenly qualities!

#4 – Gold had its interesting explanation during ancient times as well. It was believed to be from the sun itself and various groups at the time believed it to be tears from their Sun Gods.

#5 – All natural diamonds are around the same age, formed in the earth layer ‘Kimberlite’. Diamonds take anything from 1 billion to 3.3 billion years to form and grow. Do you think it was worth waiting for?