Jewellery Insurance…Worthwhile paperwork!

By 27 August 2012Uncategorized

It’s almost spring! I know there is a trend amongst the majority of people to wear more jewellery during summer when every piece can be shown off to perfection instead of being hidden by a sleeve or a big coat. I have a beautiful Trollbeads silver bracelet waiting to see the sun! But with that in mind, let’s just consider safety for a moment.

Insurance. I don’t like the word, I don’t like paying my premiums every month, and I definitely hope every day my things are safe so that I don’t have to deal with paperwork. But in South Africa it is not something we can ignore, and increasingly I have noticed people do not insure their jewellery. It is not that complicated of a process either. Depending on who you are with, jewellery falls under your general household insurance so that during a break-in or fire, or any damage they would usually pay out for, your jewellery should be covered. It is best to check though as some insurers have their own strange ideas on the matter.

Insurance Alternative?

It is also true that in typical insurer style, you will not be getting back the full value of your jewellery even if it is insured. But at the end of the day getting back R3000 for something that cost R6000 is still better than getting back nothing. The paperwork and the few phone calls required to sort it out is definitely worth the effort if you are a jewellery fanatic like we are. A quick trip down to any accredited jewellery store to get a signed printout of the value of your lost or stolen jewellery is all it takes to get back at least half of what has been lost. How long your claims take or what percentage they pay out is up to your individual insurer, but any pay-out will soften the loss. As your Trollbeads, Nomination and Thomas Sabo bracelets and necklaces fill up, please make sure they are covered by your insurers!