Bamboo Revolution

Product Description

The Bamboo Revolution design mantra is ‘form follows function’ and guiding principle, ‘simplicity’.

Bamboo Revolution’s bamboo wristwatches have a neutral and unassuming design, without unnecessary detail and branding, offering a unisex design, that can appeal to all.

Each wristwatch is made with an all-bamboo watch face, including an engraved dial, and is paired with a choice of a rustic, vegetable tanned genuine leather watch strap. The natural materials used, as well as the authentic characteristics of each wristwatch, is what makes up the unique allure of their products.

Bamboo Revolution is committed to offering a reliable product, at an affordable price. Each wristwatch houses a Japanese Miyota Movement, with a long-life changeable battery.

The new limited edition PETITE range feature all the same seamless design as the original, just smaller and with a hand sown ostrich leather strap.



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