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Daisy London was born out of a love for the beautiful and the exotic, a passion for travel and far-flung shores and taste for adventure. When James Boyd took the helm of his father’s company in 2009, he brought with him a deep-rooted love of Eastern philosophy. It was James’ beliefs in these philosophies that paved the way for Daisy London’s global success story – the now iconic Chakra bracelet.

James’ chic interpretation of the Buddhist symbols that so inspired him on his quest for wellbeing – has become a modern classic. Boyd describes them as “definitely a bi-product of my experience of using energy to heal myself. I wanted to share that spiritual journey with as many people as possible.”

Daisy has a strong international following and is worn by both celebrities and fashion editors worldwide, including Cara Delevigne, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Scherzinger, Beyonce’ Knowles and Sienna Miller to name a few.

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