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WHY is backed by the internationally renowned Uwe Koetter. Established in 1968, Uwe Koetter fast gained a reputation for cutting edge design and master craftsmanship which has resulted in numerous prestigious awards. These awards speak volumes and clearly place Uwe Koetter as an innovative world leader in jewellery design. Clients of Uwe Koetter range from royalty to heads of state and celebrities as well as loyal local and international clients. The overall philosophy and ethos is simple with a focus on excellence in both service and quality.

Uwe Koetter detected a gap in the jewellery market which gave birth to the exciting new WHY brand. Uwe Koetter is now dedicated to backing the WHY brand in their offering to the young adult market when it comes to affordable, top quality, trend setting jewellery – each with a unique sparkle.

The WHY jewellery brand is a youthful, vibrant and trend-setting brand.   If you have a go-getter attitude, live life to the fullest and thrive on uniqueness then this brand is for you.

 Silver and gold: WHY is manufactured using sterling silver which is either white gold, yellow or rose gold plated. They manufacture in plated silver to enable us to offer you the most affordable price. If you fall in love with any of thier unique designs but would prefer 9 carat gold they will gladly manufacture to your individual request.

The Diamonds: Each jewellery piece will embody at least one diamond for that extra sparkle you deserve.


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