Wedding & Family beads, too precious!

By 10 September 2012Uncategorized

Trollbeads Autumn Collection

The Trollbeads Autumn collection has been out for about 2 weeks already, and the little gems are gaining popularity every day. I find them quite fascinating as I am getting married in a few months and the beads are very wedding/family themed. Four of the beads just have to be shared here today, they have such beautiful meanings!

The first and my personal favourite (I’ve already bought mine and LOVE IT!) is the Dancing bead. “Two people dancing closely and happily together through life”. How lovely! Such an elegantly crafted design, too. My bead is going onto the bracelet I’m intending to wear at my wedding. This bead is a Price Group 1 bead as well, so it is only R315.

Dancing Bead - Trollbeads

Speaking of weddings, I wish this next bead had been available when my fiancé proposed. The Marry Me bead. Once again an amazing design! The gentleman on his knee, asking the big question, “Will you marry me?”. If you are engaged or if you have been hinting at the ring, add this bead to your hints! At R470, you can mention to him that it is a lot more affordable than any engagement ring will be!

Marry Me - Trollbeads

Now, starting a family isn’t on my to-do list yet, but the next bead is a must-have for any new parents. The Family bead depicts a mother and father walking with their newborn baby in a stroller – proud and filled with love. Carry that new-found pride and joy with you forever with this amazing bead. For only R470, you will have the memory of it even when they are out of the house and asking for help on car payments.

Family - Trollbeads!

Lastly I want to share the Playing Cards with you. It’s a fun bead of Bridge, Solitaire or Rummy that my gran so loves. A card game is always a cozy way to spend time together when on holidays or on a rainy weekend afternoon, and I can’t count the hours my gran beat me so happily at Rummy. For me personally this bead speaks of my beloved gran and I am sure you will all have your own beautiful memories to go with it. Of a bigger design, the Playing Cards bead is R735, your own personal silver deck filled with meaning!

Playing Cards - Trollbeads
The Autumn Collection boasts many more beads including cute Chinese Zodiac designs and colourful glass beads. View them on the Trollbeads page at or pop into IYOS at Palmyra Junction to see them all!