Why do we wear jewellery?

By 15 October 2012Uncategorized

We all know where jewellery comes from; we know it’s been a part of society for centuries and that these personal ornaments always will be. Jewellery can be used to show who we are and it often carries with it social meaning, showing our status or wealth, showing our interests and tastes. Our personalities play a large role in what we wear as well; our psychology and state of mind on a particular day will affect what we wear and reflect our state of mind. Even introverts want to be understood and want to let people know who they are, and jewellery plays a part in this as much as the clothing we wear or how we do our hair. But how far does this actually go? Is it truly that psychological or is it practical?

As much as we know about psychological background and motivation, there are scores of men and women who do not wear jewellery at all; perhaps because of the particular work they do, perhaps because they are so busy that they have no time for what they consider to be superficial adornment. On the other hand, there are those people that never take their jewellery off; I have a ring in particular that carries with it such sentimental value that I have never taken it off the past few years. Perhaps they keep it on for ease; this seems to be the case in particular with stud earrings.

With all these vast reasons behind wearing jewellery or not, I was curious to see what the actual reasons are. Psychologists might tell us what THEY think it means when someone wears a particular piece in a particular way, but we are not concerned overly much with that. We are more interested in where real people, in everyday life find their motivations and reasons. Why do you wear that particular ring? Why do you never change a particular earring or piece? Why do you not wear any jewellery at all? What does it mean to YOU?